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Verbatim Survey Quotes - Agency Strengths

"teachweb are very good. Rick who I dealt with initially actually came in. He was very keen to know a lot more about the school and the type of teachers that would do well here. He was very informative about his organisation and since that point has always been very knowledgeable and any teachers or CVs for potential candidates have fitted very well They won't entertain anybody that they know will either struggle or will not do a good job. Classroom management has to be good and they understand that and they won't just send us someone for the sake of filling a gap. If we have any vacancies or anything potentially coming up or day-to-day, because of what has happened in the past and the good fit that teachweb has been able to send us, they've moved to the top of our list "

"They tend to ring you up and keep in contact with you, very good personal contact, they're very good."

"The ones that we've had so far from teachweb have been very good. Certainly what I've had from them has been what I've needed. Because teachweb have had people that live locally and their fees are slightly lower only by about £5 or £6 a day but I mean that mounts up over time. I do use teachweb as much as I can. We had a spate of staff from them and they've been really, really good. It just depends if they're available. Unfortunately if they're good they tend to get snapped up elsewhere."

"They understand what we're looking for, they keep us informed and we've found them very reliable. I think one of the things that's helped is it's run by a teacher and that can help to understand the stress and strains of life in the school especially with cover on a daily basis. I think understanding schools and knowing what it's like in the classroom is a big asset."

"I have a lot of dealings with agencies on a daily basisand I'm very satisfied with teachweb. Rick came in and worked here for a couple of days just so that he could see for himself how tough the school is, and that way when he interviewed potential supply teachers he has an idea of their strength and whether or not they will be strong enough to have good classroom management skills. That's the only agency that has done that. I've had agencies that have come in and I've met and had a walk round the school but to actually be confronted with the kids as well and take a class is quite exceptional. I think they should all do it particularly in tough schools."

"The teachers are normally half termly but we've used teachweb on a day-to-day basis as well quite successfully. I've spoken to Adam who's very pleasant and helpful on the telephone, rings back as soon as you leave a message and also Elisabetta I think it is in the office, she seems pleasant enough too. Their reference request forms are clear, simple and easy to use. Their invoicing is prompt. They don't nag about payment. I don't have any complaints with teachweb, I'm very pleased with the service."

"There's two people that I mainly deal with, Rick Smallwood who I think is the managing director or one of the directors, and a gentleman called Adam, actually I don't know his surname because every time I speak to him it's just Adam. They're very very good."

"teachweb is relatively small but it has this reputation of being very good with quality people for long term positions. They understand, they come from a teaching background so they understand what the issues are. We very rarely use them for day-to-day. I don't know how many people they have on daily supply but I don't think that they have a great pool of people, however we do that mostly in-house"

"I think we've been reasonably satisfied. We haven't had to turn back any teachers they've supplied to us, that's my measure essentially."

"Rick's communication skills are excellent and that's the sort of person I want the academy to work with because then we can have a flawless dialogue, that's really important for us because people who get to know us will then send us people who will manage the classrooms effectively. I also prefer his face to face style rather than this hard cold calling which some agencies tend to adopt as their preferred method. His approach is quite holistic. It's not sort of just give us as many supply as possible. He's very keen to ensure that the people he sent to us are actually people who will be effective."

"Good, bordering on very good really both with the staff and the people that I deal with there. They're always honest enough and they say 'No, I'm sorry we can't help you on this occasion' and then I know fairly quickly to go for somebody else to try another agency. They don't try and fob you off or try and tell you 'Yes, we'll try and get somebody for you' and then half an hour later phone back and say 'I'm sorry, we haven't been able to get you anyone' which is a real pain and which does happen with some other agencies and then you end up with half an hour wasted really."

"With other agencies you can sometimes phone the day before and ask for for instance a PE teacher or a Science teacher or something and then when they arrive, they say oh well no actually I'm an English teacher and so then you can't put them into a Science lab"

"Rick does come out as well on occasion if we're really short as he's a Science teacher. As far as I'm aware Rick is the only person that comes out and does hands-on which is great, he really gets to know what we need."

"teachweb's fees are very competitive, actually probably one of the cheapest that we use at the moment. So not only am I getting the service, I'm also getting a good deal."


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