Learn through us, we have been teaching in supply roles for 9 years, don’t make all of the same blunders we did!

Daily Supply Advice

Effective daily teachers are rare – become one and you will get more work, more fulfillment and better rates of pay – we do recognise teachers who go that bit farther – and schools are quick to point out who works hard. Here are a few tips to help you endear yourself to your employers!

Turn up early – use the time to collect work from the heads of department or liaise with them

Take a packed lunch – it’s cheaper (and probably tastier!) than a school meal and you don’t have to queue for it! It also means that if your need to sanction pupils at break – they go hungry while you eat!

Make sure you have class-lists – a list of names give you much more control of your classes

Learn pupil’s names – not the whole class, but learn five while introducing the lesson through a question and answer session on the topic or school

When pupil’s ask whether you are a supply teacher – tell them anything but admit to that. I like to say “no I am a human being”, because admitting to being a supply teacher can be taken to mean otherwise!


  1. unless it affects everyone’s learning deal with it at the end of the lesson, in the mean time, get the majority on task.
  2. handling detention; in the absence of the cane detention is almost the only negative consequence you can use, accept that you cannot sanction each student after your first lesson, but prioritise 3 or 4 students.Word spreads fast among pupils and other staff that you mean what you say. Trying to detain too many results in chaos.

Teach actively – grasp the subject matter and teach it, you should be a step ahead of the kids in almost all subject areas. Do not simply write work on the board and leave them to it.

Tidy classroom – in practice, allow 10 minutes to tidy classroom at the end of the lesson. Good marks go to daily teachers who leave tidy classrooms

Lists of naughty pupils – fight battles you can win. Do not accumulate a list of 40 “naughty” pupils to leave with your contact at the end of the day. That’s lots of work for them. Pick the naughtiest 2 children and keep them behind (if lesson end with a break) or follow school procedure.


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