It’s a very sad coincidence that a week after we posted an article here, drawing attention to the number of editorial’s on student threats to teachers, Ann McGuire was stabbed to death in school.

I posted a comment last week on verbal and online threats made by students. I chose this topic because I knew that teachers in many of the state schools and academies would be able to relate – often a large number of times – supply teachers drawing a disproportionately large number of threats (and it is expected you’ll deal with them). I thought it would make common ground for a discussion in which many would be able to share experiences. I didn’t for one second think that, 4 days later, we’d be aware of this heinous event.

The inference of violence was always around when I taught, and sometimes exploded into actual violence between students – although this was the exception rather than the rule. I don’t think I ever witnessed this violence against teachers.

My teaching experience ended in 2009 but I have inferred that since then violent or otherwise poor behaviour is tolerated much less than is was between the mid 90’s and 2007.

This article from the Guardian includes graphs showing much the same numbers of declining rates of exclusions due to violence.


What do you think ? Are secondary schools and academies places where you always feel safe? Have you seen or heard about weapons being brought into school and has gang / intra pupil related violence ever spilled over into your classroom? Any comments welcome.