supply teaching administrationWhen a teacher registers with teachweb, one of my first jobs is to check the teacher’s documentation. It is all part of the service. My role is to make both supply teacher’s and school’s lives easier and admin free.

Until now I have been proud of my tightly controlled supply teaching administration processes, designed to reduce the risk of loss of essential documents in transit to and from school.

Elsewhere I do not want schools to waste valuable time administering supply teachers at the start of a busy school day.

So upon going back to the floor as a supply teacher, imagine my surprise when a placement school asked me to present my passport, DBS check and QTS certificate.

This struck me as duplication of effort.

Doing things because they have always been done this way

I am sure that akin to other organisations, schools carry out inefficient administrative processes… simply because they have always been done that way and form part of the day-to-day administrative workflow.

Supply teaching administration lessons learnt

However from my experience I have learnt the importance of:

• Continually assessing my supply teaching administration processes.
• Continually communicating the benefits of my well-established steps to the schools I work in partnership with.
• Showing schools how my supply teaching administration processes benefit them in terms of:

  • Fewer delays.
  • Time efficiencies.
  • Reduction in duplication of effort.

And ultimately better relationships with their supply teachers.

Rick Smallwood, Founder teachweb supply teaching agency
Rick Smallwood, founder, teachweb

 About the author: Rick Smallwood is a former chemistry teacher and founder of leading London and the South East supply teacher agency teachweb. He has a proven track record of matching the right teachers to the right vacancy.

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