When it comes to searching for teaching jobs in London, due to a wide selection of agencies out there, it can be difficult to choose the best one for you with  those all important competitive pay rates.

At teachweb, we find it is often about connecting with a consultant that understands your requirements, needs and skills so they can place you into a role you will enjoy and thrive in. This article will discuss the benefits of registering with teachweb, some of which include having a dedicated consultant, getting fast feedback and thorough interview preparation help!



  • Immediate notification of the latest available secondary teaching jobs.
  • After  you have completed the short registration process, you can expect to receive immediate job alerts.  If you let us know you are not available, or you have told us to cease looking on your behalf, you will stop receiving these alerts. The great thing about immediate notifications is that your CV will be the one of the first to arrive at schools offering teaching jobs in London – without you doing anything.  Schools prefer to use agencies because of the speed, efficiency, legality and convenience – and the same is true for candidates – we can send your CV to many teaching jobs at the touch of a button.
  • Having a dedicated, experienced, focused and friendly consultant. With teachweb you are dealing with a personal, experienced, accountable job finding organisation. Once you are fully registered, when you call, you can expect a consultant to be familiar with your “job search” after he or she picks up the phone. We often  identify you by voice without you having to tell us who you are!
  • CV and interview preparation and feedback. Quite a while ago we realised that because we are an intermediary that organises so many interviews, and because we get feedback on each interview, we should be able to give our  candidates information which will help them avoid making common mistakes that previous candidates have made in previous interviews. Most schools reject candidates for similar reasons and , generally the flaw is in the “trial lesson”.
  • Fast reference checks and feedback.
    • Have you every wondered what other  people say about your teaching?
    • Would it be useful to use this information to enhance your practice and to prepare for interviews?
    •  Would you expect your agency to let you know as soon as your references were returned?
    • Teachweb works in partnership with you to use references to your advantage.  


    Now you know the perks of registering with teachweb that will give you the confidence, inside knowledge and connections to help you successfully land supply teaching jobs in London.


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  1. Dear Sir/Madam, I am very impressed by your agency and would like to send you my CV, I am an experienced and qualified teacher of English, I am from the EU and have the right to live and work in the UK. Looking forward to hearing from you. Yours truly, Caroline.


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