This article is designed to help supply teachers prepare for success get supply teaching jobs in September. It is not as easy as a used to be – and you could be disappointed if you leave it until the last minute.

Book early to avoid disappointment.


You don’t wait until the last moment to book an easyjet flight do you? Or to get tickets to Glasto?

That’s the way to think of supply teaching jobs in September – better to book a place now and not use it than to not book it and…..need it! You will need to earn money in September – perhaps you have many money making talents, but assuming teaching is one of the main ones – this article advises on acquiring a position in which to use that teaching talent.

Get ahead now of he crowd – by preparing your CV for September supply teaching jobs in the London area !

Use our CV writing guide to fine tune your CV quickly – one thing we do know a lot about is what kinds of experience schools like to see on a CV.

Fonts make a difference – use arial or Tahoma – or something modern – NOT times new roman in any circumstances!

  • Tell the prospective school a little about what you did at your last school in an easy to read format as well as where you taught AND the dates you were there.
  • Supply references on the CV you send us – or be ready to supply them – if you don’t want us to take them tell us of course.

If you need an income in September and know you are going to want teaching work – apply for jobs in May, June and July  – better than waiting until August and September.  It has been much more difficult in recent years to find last minute supply teaching jobs in September – and forget about daily work. It is non-existent.

The best subjects this year have been : English, maths and science – as usual – and then Geography, History…..a little Art earlier on…….MFL and PE have been the tail draggers this year.



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