supply teaching interviewsDo you get nervous at interviews? Don’t worry. In this, the last in our 4 part series about ‘How to win your ideal supply teaching job’, we have gathered together some tips to help you to leave a positive lasting impression at supply teaching interviews.

1. What’s in it for me?

Remember that this is also an opportunity for you to find out what the school can do for you. So prepare a list of at least 5 questions to ask the interviewer.

2. Do your research

Fail to plan. Plan to fail as they say. Get as much background information as you can about the school. Ask you supply teaching agency to brief you about your interviewers and the department you will be working for.

3. Rehearse your answers

Ask your supply-teaching agency to provide you with a list of the most common interview questions. Be confident in the knowledge that your supply teaching agency has heard them all. Rehearse your answers prior to your interview.

4. Demonstrate your experiences

Demonstrate how you have been able to learn from both good and bad teaching experiences. Have examples at hand.

5. Show you can add value to the school

Talk about interests and passions that could add value to school activities and initiatives. For example if you are a DT teacher who is interested in radio controlled cars, your school would be delighted if you could help out at the RC car club.

4. Exude confidence

Do use positive body language and voice. Take a look at this blog for tips about mastering body language to your advantage.

5. Look the part

Do dress appropriately and in a way that gives you confidence.

Finally, relax and try to enjoy it. Remember you will learn from every interview you attend.

Rick Smallwood, Founder teachweb supply teaching agency
Rick Smallwood, founder, teachweb

 About the author: Rick Smallwood is a former chemistry teacher and founder of leading London and the South East supply teacher agency teachweb. He has a proven track record of matching the right teachers to the right vacancy.