Teaching referencesDo you know what your teaching references will say about you?

Don’t leave obtaining teaching references to chance. If you are competing for a position, they could mean the difference between you getting the supply-teaching job or not.

In part one of our ‘How to win your ideal supply teaching job’ series, we gave you advice about How to create a winning supply teaching CV.

In this, part two of our series; we have compiled some greats tips for making sure your references serve you well:

  1. Choose your references carefully. Make sure your referees will provide the most positive impression of you.
  2. Make sure referees are not surprised to be contacted about you. Choose to obtain teaching references from your most recent long-term roles.
  3. In fact, stay in touch with your referees. Thank them for providing references, regardless of the outcome. This will encourage them to talk about you in a positive light in the future.
  4. Brief your referees to sell the specifics that connect you to the type of teaching position you seek. Offer a list of characteristics you believe will support your application.
  5. Supply teaching is fast moving. Try to use referees who are organised and will respond quickly to email contact.
  6. Make it easy for your supply teaching recruitment consultant. Keep your contact information up to date.

And finally be honest about any problems you may have experienced in the past. It pays to get your supply teaching recruitment consultant on YOUR side.

Have you got any tips you can share about how you managed to secure the best supply teaching jobs? We would love to hear them.

And look out for next week’s post. It will provide you with vital tips for teaching an observed lesson.

Rick Smallwood, Founder teachweb supply teaching agency
Rick Smallwood, founder, teachweb

 About the author: Rick Smallwood is a former chemistry teacher and founder of leading London and the South East supply teacher agency teachweb. He has a proven track record of matching the right teachers to the right vacancy.