Here are some testimonials from schools who have used our teaching agency to find quality supply teachers in London and the UK.

  1. “Rick called our school with a recommendation; a science teacher. When I requested if he could come in, he arrived the next day. We appointed him that same afternoon for a position in our school in January and were provided with his checks on request. We are very pleased with the outcome and the science department are happy to welcome him into their team, Hampstead School
    Karen Durham  Dec 09

  2. “teachweb have proved to be very reliable with competitive rates. They have not wasted my time calling me unnecessarily or offering sub-standard staff. I need honest, fast responses and teachweb have managed both. The staff are friendly and efficient. St Josephs College.

    Marco Franchetti  Feb 08

  3. “We have been using teachweb for over two years and have been very pleased with the excellent service they provide. They have shown genuine care, commitment and professionalism in finding good teaching staff which has ensured continuity and a high standard of teaching- particularly in shortage subject areas. We will continue to use teachweb and I would have no hesitation in recommending Rick Smallwood and his team to other schools. Deputy Headteacher, Winchmore School.
    Noel Thompson  Jan 08

  4. “teachweb placed an excellent Science teacher in the school. I would have no hesitation in relying on their services again. Head of Science, Haydon School.
    Robin Turner  Jan 08

  5. “teachweb has been able to help us fill the teaching vacancies that we have had for the past 3 years now. It is through their professionalism and expertise that we have found some excellent supply teaching staff. Martin Wilbourne, Deputy Headteacher.
    Geoffrey Chaucer Technology College  Jan 08

  6. “teachweb were excellent in helping us to find a good quality Maths teacher at short notice. As a result, we were able to begin the term confident that our boys would be well taught in this crucial subject.
    Gerard Silverlock  Jan 08

  7. “Thank you, Peter has had a good first few days so we will carry on with daily supply. High Crest Community School.
    Ian Newton  Jan 08

  8. “We are very pleased with Tom McMorrow a first rate supply teacher. Salesian College, Battersea.
    Steven McCann  Jan 08

  9. “Despite being new to us, teachweb have wowed us with their understanding of the realities of secondary schools in London and the rigorous selection process of staff. They’ve helped us out with more than one tricky situation and the only reason I would not hesitate to recommend Rick and his team to other schools is that I would quite like them to remain my little secret. Assistant Head.
    Guy Maidment  Jan 08

  10. “teachweb came to the rescue when our Physics teacher was detained abroad because of family illness. We were fortunate to find a well-qualified and inspirational replacement, who joined us within days. Thank you.
    Marion Gibbs  Jan 08

  11. “I’ve used teachweb since last summer when we urgently needed good quality Science teachers and they were able to deliver. I now rely only on about 4 / 5 London based agencies who have offered good service and teachweb are one of them. St Josephs College.
    Marco Franchetti  Jan 08

  12. “I have worked closely with teachweb for 5 years now. They have been successful in providing us with a number of excellent supply teachers to fill long term vacancies. The teachweb team provide a very professional service and importantly have first hand knowledge and experience of what is required to teach successfully in London schools. I will continue to use their services and I am happy to recommend them to other schools. Highgate Wood School.
    Tony Burton  Jan 08

  13. “We would like to keep Andy through to Christmas and beyond if he is happy to stay with us he’s a terrific charactor and seems to know his stuff!!
    Claremont High School  Jan 08


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