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You need to be able to trust your supply teaching agency to comprehensively vet candidates for secondary teaching jobs and to be able to filter the:

  • In control from the disorganised.

  • Reliable from the hit and miss.

  • Hit the ground running from the inflexible.

Know that your teaching agency is renowned for its bespoke, personal and teacher led operation. Furthermore its highly sought after reputation has been built over 15 years of successfully filling long term, contract and daily supply teaching jobs.

Be secure in the knowledge that teaching candidates have been fully vetted by:

  • Two referees (we aim to speak to referees as well as taking electronic references).

  • CRBs.

  • ID.

  • List 99.

  • Proof of address.

So that you can be confident that you will get the best and most personable teachers for your secondary teaching job vacancies.

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Start filling your long-term secondary teaching job vacancies today

Supply teachers are available to fill teaching jobs vacant due to:

  • Maternity leave.

  • Sickness leave.

  • Jury service.

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Marketing your supply teaching jobs

Get a fast response to vacancies for secondary teaching jobs.

Know that teachweb has a large and established register of candidates interested in secondary teaching jobs in the full range of subjects. In addition it attracts over 1000 visitors to its website daily.

Elsewhere you can be confident that a sound marketing strategy ensures the communication of your supply teaching jobs reaches teachers with the right skills and experience.

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