Our rates of pay are genuine minimum rates and are guaranteed as follows:

Please note these are minimum pay rates, the number of factors which influence these rates is quite extensive. The is a shortage of teachers for long term roles, less so for daily supply teachers. Therefore the best bargaining power is in the hands of those teachers who are prepared to prepare, plan and mark work.

Here is an idea of pay rates.

  • From £130.50 (PAYE)/£155 umbrella to £238 per day for long term supply teaching jobs, average is around £155 (umbrella) (over 6 weeks)
  • From £120.00 (PAYE) / £140 umbrella per day for daily supply teaching jobs

For experienced teachers we pay up to £238 per day (umbrella, as of September 2016), PAYE would be £210).


Please note that when paid PAYE, teachweb must also pay employers NI, which is around 11% over and above the rate promised to the teacher. This is not the case with “umbrella companies ” where both employers and employees NI come out of the “rate” promised.  This explains why umbrella “rates” are higher than PAYE rates and why deductions are also higher.

There is an enormous range of teacher pay rates above these (minimum) rates. These are the factors influence  your pay rate upwards.

Your rate of pay increases if:

  •  You are an experienced teacher
  • You are interviewing for a longer term role
  • You are interviewing in the winter (when demand is high)
  •  You can work in a challenging school (as a daily or a long term teacher)
  •  You have been in longer term contracts (years or multiple terms) (rather the daily work which carries little value)
  •  You have taken on a role of responsibility
  • You have good references

There are obviously also factors beyond our (and your control) which affect rates  such as:

  • What condition is the school budget in
  • How many other teachers have applied for the role – and how expensive are they?
  • Can the school collapse classes or seek an internal solution?


Schools are NOT obliged to equal the pay at your last job now, although most honour this principle.


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