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Sparkling daily teachers needed

Daily supply isn’t an easy role to fill, but good daily supply teachers are much needed – and a rare species. Different skills are needed, and we are seeking teachers who are keen to do daily supply, who are keen to build relationships quickly and to engage the students and make sure they do not simply waste the lesson.  Teachers who tend to work best come from a variety of backgrounds – inexperienced or more mature, working PT or full time – but they all share common factors.

  • keep calm and positive in front of the students.  When teachers stay positive and calm in all circumstances (after all what’s the worst that can happen?) and when students see teachers can weather the storm, respect is generated.  Staying focused on the learning and the students as learners is one way of doing this.
  • get the students focused early on in the lesson.  Having some gimmick or method of getting the students (or the vast majority) focused on the work relatively near the beginning of the lesson is another important factor. I almost always take the register, make an ad hoc seating plan (you can do little without knowing a fair few names) and then assign a class reading exercise. This is a focusing exercise and a way of levelling the students AND it involves silent focus AS WELL AS being an excuse to use names – and demonstrate I know students’ names. Getting them focused at the beginning makes the first half of the lesson much easier and also makes it easier to get them focused later on if you need to regroup them.

What can we offer ?

We are not just an agency sending you here, there and everywhere with profit first and foremost in mind. We teach in the schools we supply to as well, and that contact from both sides means support, even if it is just having someone there to speak to after a particularly hard day.

We offer competitive rates of pay.

We offer a friendly, supportive ear.

We offer regular work around south London / Wimbledon / Croydon / Bromley.

Our schools offer the right candidate:

  • A supportive atmosphere
  • Good resources
  • Good student behaviour
  • Daily or long-term employment, depending on your preference
  • The chance to work as part of a close team
  • The benefits of outstanding leadership
  • The chance to work with a wide variety of students

We are not simply looking for a qualified teacher, but an individual who can help inspire young minds and work with its great team to improve on excellence together. If you love your subject and want to work in a supportive environment with a great salary and employment as long or brief as you like, apply now!
The successful candidate will have:

  • QTS and eligibility to work in the UK
  • Experience teaching on a secondary level in the UK
  • Outstanding teaching practice
  • Genuine enthusiasm for the subject
  • A commitment to working as part of a close, supportive team
  • The ability to motivate and inspire
  • A drive to be involved in the wider community of the school
  • The desire to teach in a great school full of keen students

If that sounds like you, then apply today in under a minute by pressing Apply now.

No long forms, no endless pages to fill in, just your contact details and a CV and you’re on your way to your dream job!

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You can thank us later!

Rate: £155 per day
Subject: Supply Teacher
Location: South East London
Job Type: supply cover


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